About Us!


Created in 2009 with a racing heritage that spans two decades, TRAKlite Wheels brings to the market unique and innovative wheel styles. TRAKlite wheels main goal is to make your car look unique!

For the last five years we have placed ourselves as a leader in the aftermarket wheel industry by offering affordable, high quality and unique products. We continue to offer our two series: TRAK Series, designed with the now popular JDM and stance enthusiasts in mind, whose aim is not only the performance characteristics of the wheel, but also the aggressive and vintage look.  The STREET Series offers a modern styling where attention to detail  and unique finishes will satisfy even the most discriminating customer. It also offers regular, staggered and flush applications, concentrating on the larger sizes for midsize and full size vehicles.

Why Us…

TRAKLite Wheels are built to meet or exceed strict OEM factory specs, have a rigorous quality control program, and all wheels are lab tested to meet JWL, JAWA, VIA, and TUV standards, and specifications. Our goal going forward is to continue our success by providing our customers with high quality and innovative products. We also strive to be the new pioneers in this very competitive wheel industry with reliable customer service and innovative marketing strategies. Your feedback is very important to us, if you have any questions or concerns about our wheel lines please do not hesitate to contact us.


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